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Affordable Pest Control Services in Durban, South Africa

Do you need to get a severe pest infestation under control fast? The best way to get rid of pests for good is to get help from pest control and fumigation experts. We are Pest Control Durban and we can help. We provide pest treatment for bed bugs, wood borer insects, birds, rodents, cockroaches, flies and ants.


As one of South Africa’s most reliable and efficient pest control companies, we have earned this reputation because of our attention to detail, affordability, reliability and after-sales service. The treatment solutions we implement are innovative, effective and eco-friendly. We provide all of our customers with a free follow up treatment to eradicate pests completely.


Whether you’re in the food industry, manage a manufacturing site or admin building, neglecting your pest control will result in a pest infestation sooner rather than later. And the last thing your business needs is to lose money over temporarily closing its doors due to a pest infestation. The best advice we can give our customers is to set up a monthly, 6-weekly or quarterly treatment schedule to avoid a pest infestation.


Signs of a Pest Infestation


  • Pest droppings
  • Evidence of nesting (shredded paper, grass, leaves)
  • Damage to plants and furniture (holes and gnaw marks)
  • Unusual smells and sounds
  • Dirt smudges on walls


Causes of a Pest Infestation


  • Exposed water and food
  • Gaps around doors and windows
  • Excess moisture and damp due to water leaks and condensation
  • Clutter



When you hire professional pest control services like Pest Control Durban , our technicians will visit, inspect and treat your premises on the agreed timeframe to ensure pests stay away. Should you come across pests between treatment sessions, just get in touch and we’ll send out a pest technician as soon as possible.


Let us do what we do best — eliminate pests — so you can do what you do best — run your business. Rodents and other pests are always on the lookout for water and food. It’s impossible to remove all food from your premises, however, you can stop them from getting to it by creating a pest barrier.


Are you looking for affordable pest control services in Durban? Look no further. Get in touch with Pest Control Durban today!

Fast and Effective Pest Control in Durban


Don’t waste your money on DIY pest control efforts. Get rid of your pest problem quickly and efficiently by hiring professionals for the fumigation. Protecting your business has never been easier. We use innovative, eco-friendly treatment solutions to get rid of the following pests: Wood borer insects, rodents, cockroaches, flies, ants and bed bugs.


Our products are safe and can be used in the food manufacturing industry as well as many other environments. Needless to say, it’s safe for use around children and pets. Our pest control technicians follow industry regulations and standards firmly and are registered with SAPC (South African Pest Control Association).


We provide premium pest control and fumigation services to our customers in Durban and surrounding areas. But, don’t worry, our top-class services don’t come with a hefty price tag. In fact, we are proud to offer competitive rates to make our services accessible to everyone. Our pest technicians are knowledgeable in preventing wastage of our high-quality products and know exactly which areas to treat and how much to apply.


If you’re looking for a pest control company that can offer a 100% guarantee rate, then you’ve come to the right place. We believe in providing results — completely eradicating and protecting your premises of unwanted pests. This is the promise to our customers. If it doesn’t give you peace of mind, then nothing will.


Durban Pest Control takes the inconvenience of pest control out of your hands so you can manage your business. For an obligation free quote, get in touch with the team at Durban Pest Control today.

Get The Best Value For Money – Hire Professional Pest Control Services


Get rid of pests fast and completely when you hire Pest Control Durban. We provide cost-effective pest control services to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets in Durban and are experts in our industry.


Business owners often face severe pest infestations because they hire amateurs to handle fumigations or disregard pest control as a whole. At Pest Control Durban, we provide our customers with the latest pest control products and treatment solutions to ensure maximum results.


Rid your home or business property from unwanted pests and give us a call. Durban Pest Control can assist with all your pest control needs today! No matter what type of pest, we have the right solution to get rid of it for good.


If you want excellent value for money, hire the best in the business. Get in touch with Pest Control Durban for a free quote today!


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